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How Arc Trade-In Works

Commonly Asked Questions

How much does the program cost?

The cost for the program is simple: 

• 1.7% of your current home’s sale price if you use our lending services.
• 2.4% if you choose a different lender, or if you buy your new home with cash.

How do you determine how much equity I can unlock from my current home?

The amount of equity you can unlock is determined using our proprietary algorithm, which takes into consideration your agent’s estimation of the home’s value, current market conditions, projected market risk, borrower financials, outstanding loans, and more. You’ll be able to unlock a portion of the overall equity you have in your home upfront, prior to selling the home — and will receive the remainder of your equity after the home sells, less program fees
and expenses.

What if my home is already listed?

There is no limit for how many cumulative days a property has been listed on the market at time of submission. However, the total number of listed days can affect your Equity Unlock Amount based on the risk profile of the property.

Curious how much we’ll offer for your home?


Who is Arc Realty

Welcome to Arc Realty, a boutique residential real estate group with an unbeatable team of highly-trained specialists who aim to ensure you reach and exceed your desired goals, and most importantly, have the greatest experience.

We know you’re looking for results, but we also know you need a Realtor® who will stand by your side and fight for your interests every step of the way. We’re named after the Tustin Hangars, and like the arc-shaped landmarks that define our region and helped guarantee our freedom during WWII, we’ll protect your assets. We have a proven track record of generating long-term wealth for our clients, whether they’re first-time homebuyers or investors with vast portfolios. Our clients trust us: That’s why they refer us and return to us, time and again.

Using our local expertise and broad knowledge of the Southern California market, we create transactions that are as effortless as they are successful, and we structure a realistic path to every client’s goals. Our founder, John Babai, has been practicing real estate full-time since 2001 and ranks in the top 1% of active agents in California. Each agent at Arc follows his lead: We’re formidable yet personable negotiators who honor each relationship and work with dedication and patience. We’re attentive, responsive, and honest, and we deliver.

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