Arc Realty & Revive have created the Home Concierge program to allow us to add value and convenience for almost any home sale. Selling a home is a big life event. We provide our own expertise, capital, and network to deliver the very best outcomes for homeowners: less hassle & more profit.   

We believe that  innovation in the real estate industry is overdue, and we are a partner to homeowners to deliver value in new ways. Simply said, we invest in your profit. 

What makes the Arc Revive Program Different?

  • Our objective is to be a true partner with homeowners
  • Our approach is modern and flexible
  • Our game-changing programs give homeowners a new  scale of value
  • We focus on long term relations rather than transactions
  • We are always innovating; we disrupt common challenges in  the home sales process
  • We add value profit and convenience for homeowners

Program Details


  1. Revive drafts a renovation plan
    You’ll meet with a Revive expert, who will help determine the scope and budget that will yield the  highest return on investment.
  2. We match you with the right service provider
    Our team solicits multiple bids to find the right service  provider to deliver affordability, speed, and quality.
  3. Witness the transformation
    The renovation plan is set. Colors & materials are  selected. Service provider arrives on-site and gets to  work. The home will soon be in turn-key condition for  the open market.
  4. Sell your home at top dollar
    Having a turn-key home makes the most impact and  appeals to the most buyers, making it highly competitive  and desirable. On average, “Revived” homes sell 72%  faster and at a higher dollar amount.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal at Revive is to help as many clients as possible. However, we do require that there is a minimum of 20% equity in the home.

As a general rule of thumb, Revive approves projects that in totality take less than two months. Example project elements include: flooring, staging, painting, kitchen and bathroom remodel, landscaping/general curb appeal.

Planning and pre-approval takes approx. 1 week or less. The bidding and renovation process takes, on average, 2-8 weeks depending on scope of work. *

Homeowners reimburse Revive when one of the following happens — the home sells, the homeowner terminates their listing agreement, the home is no longer being actively marketed for sale, or 12 months pass from the Revive completion date.

*Timelines may vary due to external factors out of control of Revive. 

Revive leverages referral power and buying power to ensure a  competitive price for the homeowner while reserving a small  profit for itself.

For health, safety, and efficiency, we recommend that  the home be vacant during any significant pre-sale home  renovations. Revive can cover the costs of moving, storage,  temporary housing and relocation. Ask a Revive expert for  details.

We leverage our referral power to negotiate preferential  pricing from our service providers & material suppliers. In  addition, we always get three bids on each job to ensure that  our service providers are competitive.  

Revive solicits bids from three independent service providers  for each project, one of them being a provider the homeowner or Realtor can recommend. After Revive compares all three  bids, the best service provider for the job will be selected.

The goal on every project is to maximize return on investment,  therefore Revive remodels homes to market trends and buyers  taste. We provide homeowners our comprehensive design and  materials palette, which Revive Designers select from when  

designing projects based on neighborhood style.

Revive requires all service providers provide a one-year workmanship and materials warranty

No, but customers generally will see a significant return  on their investment on their renovation investment and this  often exceeds their expectations. For qualifying homeowners,  Revive offers a no-loss guarantee option that ensures they  only pay for the actual value the renovation delivers. Ask your pre-sale expert if your home qualifies.

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